I am searching for collectors who are willing to take part and support me for future projects by investing in my work.


As my work is targeting on classic artistic watchmaking, the only drawback is the substantial amount of time needed for creating these kind of watches. If I have the financial possibility I would like to make only a handful of pieces based on the setup of the first prototype. Each one can be customized. As the watches are made from scratch solely by myself, the only limitations are my own skills.


Each time piece is made one after the other which means that there is no serial production of the watches. This allows me to share in detail the progress with the client on a private blog from start to end. He or she can follow how each part is being made and how the watch evolves towards the final state.


The estimated time for a piece like the first prototype is around 2000 hours. In comparison: if a cnc machine would be involved to make a small production (10-50 pieces), I would be able to do each watch in 200-400 hours (5-10 pieces a year). With the use of a cnc machine I feel that I would lose my initial dream and idea of a concept; using my hands to conceive a watch.